Flexible water tanks

Currently unavailable due to long lead times for materials.

These tanks can be set up and filled from any of Tsunami® water units, or used stand-alone.

Made out of lightweight, yet incredibly strong fabric, these tanks possess superior design and seam strength. A watertight zipper ensures an environmental seal for potable water storage.

Flexible water tanks are collapsible & portable, self-supporting & self-rising. It's extremely easy to deploy them in diverse settings — no assembly required, quick set-up, and take-down guaranteed. They can also be deployed on a 10-degree slope.

Water storage capacities:

1500, 3000 and 5000 gal (5700, 11400 and 18900 liters).

U.S. military-approved grade.

2” male and female standard cam-lock fittings, with 3/4” garden hose connector/adaptor. Custom valve configuration available.

Every tank is fully water tested before shipment.

The ground cloth also acts as a carrying bag.


Greenhouse climate control
Greenhouse climate control
Greenhouse irrigation
Greenhouse irrigation

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