Sprouted fodder is tender, young cereal grass grown from grain seeds. All that is needed to grow fodder: seeds + water. Within 7 days of startup, fresh fodder — animal feed — can be fed directly to animals.

Portable Tsunami-Fodder system is an insulated container. It is equipped with temperature and humidity control equipment that maintains optimum environment for sprouting seeds, AND it produces its own water. Automatic watering is accomplished with timers, pumps and a special filtration system that recirculates the water.

Tsunami-Fodder uses a compact, vertical farming method. There is a total of 49 sprouting trays, stacked in 7 racks. Every day a row of 7 trays is harvested and reseeded, with an output of 117 lb (53 kg) of fresh fodder.

117 lb (53 kg) of animal feed per day

Use this unit to produce fresh animal feed 365 days a year!
Sprouted fodder has higher digestibility and increased nutritional value compared to dry feeds.

Physical dimensions: 6' x 9' x 90" / 1.8 x 2.8 x 2.3 m (W x L x H)

Power source: Power Grid / Generator / Solar system.

Unique Technology

Incorporates industry leading sprouting technology, and uses a re-circulating water system.


The system can be scaled to meet the needs of any on-farm operation.

Plug & Use

No assembly required. All single container units are 100% turnkey and delivered ready-for-use.

Self-contained & Weatherproof

Custom-designed shelter protects from exposure to ambient conditions & unauthorized access.


Moved around with a forklift or crane truck. Can be towed (with optional plug axles & tow hitch) or airlifted, and set at any location.

1-year Standard Warranty

Conditions apply. Extended warranty available upon request.

20+ Years Lifespan

Only high-quality parts and materials used. The unit is built to last & requires extremely low maintenance.

To learn about the benefits of sprouted fodder feed, the process of growing it, and the characteristics of the Tsunami-Fodder system, please read an article, or download a PDF brochure (2.4 MB).


Portable animal feed production
Portable animal feed production
Disaster relief projects
Disaster relief projects
Wildlife conservation projects
Wildlife conservation projects

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Tsunami Products provides a dependable, on-demand animal feed production system that can build great resiliency & independence for homesteaders and those in agricultural industries.