Medium-scale atmospheric water generator. This multi-purpose unit is as efficient as it gets! The unit works off of a 3-phase power source.

The unit is perfect for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, cafés and restaurants, hotels and resorts, as well as other facilities. Multiples of these units can be put together for use in a water bottling plant.

Tsunami-750 delivers water right to your own storage reservoir, fridge, and/or integrated ice-maker, on-sink dispenser, or another dispenser of your choice.

Water production rate:

up to 329 gal (1242 L) per day

Physical dimensions: 42" x 42" x 102" / 1 x 1 x 2.6 m (W x L x H)

Power source: Power Grid (3-phase) / Solar system.

Working conditions: temperature 50-115°F / 10-45°C, relative humidity 30-100%.

Renewable & Eco-friendly

Atmospheric water generation taps into nature's water cycle, mimicking conditions inside a cloud.

Ultra-pure & Delicious Water

The multi-stage filtration process produces supreme quality drinking water.


The system can be scaled to meet the needs of any facility.

Plug & Use

No assembly is required. All single container units are 100% turnkey and delivered ready-for-use.

Self-contained & Weatherproof

Custom-designed shelter protects from exposure to ambient conditions & unauthorized access.

1-year Standard Warranty

Conditions apply. An extended warranty is available upon request.

20+ Years Lifespan

Only high-quality parts and materials are used. The unit is built to last & requires extremely low maintenance.

Tsunami-750 Specifications

Water Production

Potential: 329 US Gal / 1242 L PER DAY*

*Estimated at 85°F / 29.4°C and relative humidity (RH) of 80%.
As ambient temperature and RH change, so does water production.

Internal Water Storage Capacity No onboard storage
Air Filtration High-efficiency multilayer Poly-fiber — washable & reusable
Water Filtration Multi-stage (custom-designed for specific installation)
Refrigeration System
Refrigerant R410 (Standard)
Compressor 120000 BTU Scroll
Rated Voltage AC 230 Volts ±10%
Frequency, Hz 50/60 Hz
Phase 3 PH
Amperage Range @ rated voltage

Run current range: 35 to 50 Amps (dependent on ambient temperature)

Min Breaker: 50 Amps
Weights and Measurements
Physical dimensions, W x L x H 42" x 42" x 102" (1 x 1 x 2.6 m)
Weight (when empty) 1100 lb (500 kg)

Water production rates and other characteristics are subject to change as we make improvements in the design.


Water supply for various facilities
Water supply for various facilities
Water for homes and offfices
Homes and offices
Water supply for cafés and restaurants
Cafés and restaurants
Water for hospitals
Water supply for schools
Water supply for hotels and resorts
Hotels and resorts
Water supply for gymnasiums
Water bottling plants
Water bottling plants

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