T-50 unit

Power source: Power Grid (1-phase, 230V AC | 50/60 Hz).

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Renewable & Eco-friendly

Atmospheric water generation taps into nature's water cycle, mimicking conditions inside a cloud.

Ultra-pure & Delicious Water

The multi-stage filtration process produces supreme quality drinking water.

Plug & Use

No assembly is required. All single container units are 100% turnkey and delivered ready-for-use.

Self-contained & Weatherproof

Custom-designed shelter protects from exposure to ambient conditions & unauthorized access.


Moved around with a forklift or crane truck. Can be towed (with optional plug axles & tow hitch) or airlifted, and set at any location.

1-year Standard Warranty

Conditions apply. An extended warranty is available upon request.

20+ Years Lifespan

Only high-quality parts and materials are used. The unit is built to last & requires extremely low maintenance.