At Tsunami Products,
we design and build machines
that extract water
from humidity in the air —
efficiently and economically.

At Tsunami Products, we design and build machines that extract water from humidity in the air — efficiently and economically.

Inside atmospheric water generator


Air Intake

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) extract water from humidity in the air. Moist ambient air is pulled into the Tsunami® unit by fans. A multi-layer air filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.


Water Extraction

Next, the air is drawn through a series of condensing coils, where water vapor is cooled down sufficiently to reach the dew point. This converts water vapor into droplets. Additionally, all Tsunami® units use Tsunami Core Technology™ — a special patented extraction chamber with a range of features that force water condensation — resulting in greater output. Water is then extracted and collected into a storage tank.

Tsunami Core Technology™ and other proprietary improvements dramatically enhance the process of water extraction, allowing Tsunami® units to achieve great energy efficiency.


Water Filtration

The collected water is purified through a multi-stage filtration system, where all the possible impurities and pathogens are removed. At this point, water is completely pure and safe to drink. What’s more: unlike tap water, it’s chemical-free.

Inside atmospheric water generator

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Products — atmospheric water generators

Tsunami-500 AWG made in USA

Tsunami-500 is a medium-scale atmospheric water generator. It's perfect for homes, offices, schools, etc.

Water production rate:
0.5 - 7.8 gallons per hour

Power source: 1-phase.


Tsunami-50 is a medium-scale atmospheric water generator. This multi-purpose unit is as efficient as it gets!

Up to 15 Gal/ 57 L per day

Power source: 1-phase.

Tsunami R/DH AWG made in USA

Tsunami-R/DH is designed to control the climate inside a greenhouse and collect excessive humidity which is condensed into reusable water.

Multi-faceted greenhouse climate control.
Reduced humidity. Cleaned air.
The collected water is used for irrigation.

Custom-designed AWG made in USA

Trailer-mounted atmospheric water generators, portable, compact and highly efficient.

Suitable for continual or backup water supply for various facilities.

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Will the atmosphere run out of water if we keep extracting it?

At any moment, the Earth's atmosphere contains an astounding 37,500,000,000,000,000 gallons of water, in the invisible vapor state.

Even with the entire world population consuming water from atmospheric water generators, it would use only 0.002% of the water vapor… only to have nature replace it over and over again through a constant hydrological cycle.

That's why atmospheric water generators provide an abundant and renewable source of drinking water.

Any dehumidifier produces water as a by‑product. So, why not use it instead?

While dehumidifiers, as well as air conditioners, do produce certain amounts of water, they are inefficient at it. Additionally, they are set up indoors, constantly recycling the same air, and so produce less and less water.

What's important, water produced by a humidifier is NOT suitable for drinking! The components and materials used are NOT food‑grade, besides the water doesn’t go through proper filtration. Some coils are coated with special bactericides and mold reducing compounds which are highly toxic if ingested. 

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