Technology & Features

Tsunami® units are very energy efficient. Compared to bottled water, the cost to produce water from air is significantly less. We estimate it can be as low as $0.047 per gallon ($0.012 per liter).

Atmospheric water generators can be left plugged in at all times, producing clean drinking water all day, every day. But you can have them on/off as per your needs.

While dehumidifiers as well as air conditioners do produce certain amounts water, they are inefficient at it — as that is not what they were designed for. Additionally, they are supposed to be set up indoors only, where they constantly recycle the air in a room to reduce moisture, and so produce less and less water. On the contrary, all of Tsunami® units are located outdoors, and are able to produce infinite amounts of water — efficiently.

There is another concern: water produced by a humidifier is NOT suitable for drinking, as the components and materials it is made from are NOT food-grade, and the water doesn’t go through a proper filtration process. Some coils are coated with special bactericides and mold reducing compounds which are highly toxic if ingested.

Absolutely! Water bottling systems can be installed on any of our large-scale atmospheric water generators. There are companies that have already established water bottling businesses using atmospheric water generators in various countries. It allows for a good profit margin, as the cost of atmospheric water production is economical.

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY & EFFICIENCY: Using refrigeration for dehumidification isn't particularly a new technology. However, in order to maximize the efficiency of this process for large scale water production, applied science and engineering must both work together. One of the main areas of our Research & Development has been to do this refinement. Our water production rates are at an extremely high ratio to the input energy. Obviously, there is only a specific amount of water in any given amount of air which can be extracted, however our systems are designed to squeeze as much moisture from the air as possible per given unit of energy.

All Tsunami® atmospheric water generators use Tsunami Core Technology™ — a special patented extraction chamber with a range of features that force water condensation resulting in greater output. Tsunami Core Technology™ and other proprietary improvements dramatically enhance the process of water extraction, allowing Tsunami® units to achieve great energy efficiency.

DURABILITY: All units manufactured by Tsunami Products are designed with very stringent guidelines and process regulations. All products are built in compliance with ISO 9001 2008 certification standards.

Units are constructed from high grade materials and are welded to ensure years of durability. The housings are completely powder coated with a durable oven-baked paint system. All of the units have integrated heavy duty latching and locking systems to help deter unauthorized access and vandalism.

SAFETY: Electrical systems and components follow UL and NEC regulations for safety certification.

All components which are in direct contact with the potable water portion of the system, follow NSF guidelines. The incorporated air and water filtration systems use only sanitary, high quality stainless steel, FDA approved coated aluminum and plastic materials which are classified for potable water use.

Under typical operation settings, after the primary reservoir on the unit reaches full stage, it will pump the water into a secondary tank which would be located wherever the customer chooses. If the customer has no secondary holding tank, the unit will turn off.

Water Quality

The water extraction process starts with air filtration, eliminating any chance of air pollution having any effect on the water produced. In areas of high dust content, special HEPA filters can be installed.

Yes, if the air is breathable — the water is absolutely pure & safe to drink, as well as great tasting. The air filters and multi-filtration system inside Tsunami® units are extremely effective in eliminating all impurities and microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses via UV sterilization.

Absolutely! The water extracted from air is of the highest quality and free of chemicals and bacteria, delivering a great tasting experience. See what our customers have to say about it.

The water produced by Tsunami® units has a pH of 6.5-7.5 on average. Optional mineral filters can be installed to further soften the water, if desired by a customer. *(Read next question-answer about why we just don’t install these filters on every unit).

Additionally, you need to be aware that water pH and its influence on human health is a highly controversial subject.

A lot of people think that we have to worry about the pH of our water. Recent marketing campaigns aimed at selling “alkaline water” at premium prices convince us it’s so. What you might not realize is that even in nature, the pH of water will vary from one source of water to the next. The pH of pure water is 7.0, (i.e it is neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline). When certain minerals (also called salts) are dissolved in water, its pH may vary and it may become acidic or basic according to the properties of the minerals dissolved.

In the body, when we consume water, along with its minerals, food and other components, they all reach the stomach. The gastric juices are highly acidic and all the food exiting the stomach into the intestine is highly acidic. Bile neutralizes these acids and makes the food alkaline. Thus, when water and food passes through the stomach it will always be acidic and in the intestines it will always be alkaline irrespective of the original pH of our diet.

Urine is the only body fluid that can have its acidity changed by food or supplements. The rest of the body pH, including that of the blood, cannot be changed by anything we eat or drink. The companies claiming to sell alkaline water use pseudoscientific hype mixing in some technical terms to support claims that cannot be substantiated medically or scientifically. It is just a very expensive way of consuming calcium tablets!

In other words, there is no evidence that drinking or ingesting alkalized water is beneficial to human health.

Unlike some other manufacturers of atmospheric water generators, we don't supplement our water with minerals. We believe it is just a marketing catch and it adds unnecessary cost to the price of a unit. However, some people do prefer the flavor of slightly alkaline water — in which case we can supply mineral filters at an additional cost.

Let us explain why we do it this way. Any dietician will tell you that the minerals that our bodies require, it gets from the diet. Water contains only a small amount of minerals. Without healthy mineral rich foods, you would have to drink a few hundred gallons/liters of any mineral water daily in order to meet your mineral requirements.

Some people believe drinking ultra-pure, or distilled water, has negative health effects, but science does not support that. In fact, almost NONE of the minerals in "ordinary" water are absorbed by the digestive system. For further info on this subject do a Google search for: {"dissociation of ions" — basic grade school chemistry}.

Additional reading: Functions and Food Sources of Some Common Minerals (PDF).

As long as the unit remains plugged in, our system continually recycles the water inside the storage tank — ensuring it stays 100% pure and safe to drink.


At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 37,500,000,000,000,000 gallons (140 000 000 000 000 000 liters) of water, in the invisible vapor state.

Even with the entire world population of 7.6 billion consuming water from atmospheric water generators, it would use just 0,002% of the water vapor in the atmosphere... only to have nature replace it over and over again! With that said, water is in a constant hydrological cycle — that means it all returns to the atmosphere once used.

That's why water from air is an abundant and renewable source of drinking water.

Water in the atmosphere exists in equilibrium. When it is removed from the air, it is replaced through evaporation of bodies of water elsewhere. In fact, the natural hydrological cycle replaces the entirety of atmospheric water 40 times every year. Utilizing the atmosphere as a source of water has no impact on weather patterns.

Additionally, preserving ground water reservoirs from depleting strongly supports existing microclimates.

Optimal water generation depends on ambient temperature and relative humidity. Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the cost effectiveness of water production. Atmospheric water generators we currently have will work anywhere with warmer climate conditions (50-115°F / 10-45°C) and moderate to high humidity levels (30-100%). Our systems do not require weather fronts or mountain ranges, which usually produce rainfall.

Installation & Maintenance

Tsunami® units are essentially a plug-and-use installation.

A standard residential installation typically only requires a small mounting slab (similar to that of a pad mounted Air Conditioning unit) and a 230 volt / 20 amp receptacle close to the unit’s mounting area. Hose lines and filter panel will be mounted near the unit for adequate servicing.

A standard commercial installation typically requires an electrical disconnect of suitable size to power the specific machine purchased. If the units require portability, the built-in generator takes care of the needed power requirements. Secondary storage tank will be placed as per customer’s needs.

Water filters will need to be changed every 6-12 months after purchase — depending on the quality of ambient air and on the actual usage of the machine. The air filters should also be checked once a month and cleaned by washing, if necessary. UV lights need to be cleaned or replaced every 12-18 months. Water storage tank needs to be drained & cleaned about every 6 months.

Every unit has an owners and service manual included.

Spare parts can be ordered online direct from Tsunami Products Corp. Also, many home supply centers will typically have the standard cartridge water filters in stock.