Atmospheric water, for as little as $0.047 per gallon ($0.012 per liter)!*

Graph showing cost of atmospheric water production

*Higher efficiency, thus lower cost of water production, is achieved thanks to unique Tsunami Core Technology™, and lower power consumption as compared to other types of AWGs (atmospheric water generators).

The actual cost of water production varies, depending on local prices for electricity/diesel, and atmospheric conditions.

Nowadays a lot of major cities worldwide are experiencing problems with the availability and quality of drinking water. Numerous research articles show that this problem is going to worsen in the next decade because we can't possibly reverse years of demographic growth, rapid urbanization, poor governance, pollution, and climate change.

The traditional answer to this potable water scarcity has been increased dependence on bottled water. This however brings several major problems:

The biggest one is the COST.

An average 5-gallon (20 L) water bottle that many use in their water dispenser, costs around $2 USD. This equates to $0.1/liter. As seen from the graph above, this cost rises even higher when water is purchased in 1 L bottles. At the end of the month, a family of 4 may spend as much as $45 a month on drinking water... A total of $540 USD per year. This is not a very wise expense considering the tough economic conditions we live in.

Secondly, inconvenience of carrying or transporting, storing, and using large amounts of water bottles on regular basis... No need to explain this, we've all done that!

Lastly: the generation of plastic waste. This is a HUGE ecological problem! And, obviously, the more plastic we use and discard, the worse our natural water sources get.

Many of the cities currently experiencing drinking water shortages are located within the band of climate conditions optimal for the use of atmospheric water generation technology. With Tsunami Products' water generators installed at homes, offices, schools, and other facilities, an infinite supply of clean drinking water can be generated from the air — efficiently & economically. In fact, it's 10-80 times cheaper to produce atmospheric water than to buy it bottled... even in areas with high electricity costs.

Water from air worldwide

What a thirst quencher
for millions of people worldwide!

Cost of water from air production, Cape Town, Cancun

Let's examine several examples.

The first 2 cities have the cost of electricity in the medium range (0.17 USD/Kwh).

Compare 2 sets of climatic conditions these places have, water production rates and the resulting cost of water production per liter.

Keep in mind that ambient temperature and relative humidity change hourly, and also depending on the season. Consequently, the water production rate and power consumption of Tsunami® units, as well as water production cost, will vary.

These 2 cities have the cost of electricity in the high range (0.28 USD/Kwh).

Once again, compare 2 sets of climatic conditions these places have, water production rates and the resulting cost of water production per liter.

Now that we show you how to calculate the cost of water production, you can do this for any AWG (atmospheric water generator) before you make a decision to buy it.

Cost of water from air production, Sydney, Maui

Cost of electricity was calculated based on information from: tariffs Western Cape province.pdf