Our customers talk about the flavor of water from air

"Does water really have a flavor?", you might ask.

Oh YES, to many people it does! And some people are so picky about it, that they would only buy a certain brand of bottled water and not others.

We asked some of our customers to describe the flavor of water that was generated by one of the Tsunami® atmospheric water generators. This is what they said:

Tsunami atmospheric water tastes great

"Let's see... Smooth, delicate, something like that..."
- Emma K.
"Refreshing, especially on a hot day."
- Dean S.
"It is the ultimate thirst quencher. I like it!"
- Steve W.
"Tastes... wet? I think that about covers it."
- Nick D.
"It tastes, ehhh, very... pure. Bland, yet crisp?"
- Cathy M.
"It's like Coke without the flavoring."
- Julie B.
"H20 = the meaning of life. That's the best way I can put it."
- Mike R.

What does water taste like to you? Drop us a comment about it...